Hello tomato

Marion Caron & Camille Trimardeau

24 page accordion, 10.5 x 14.8 cm
ISBN 979-10-90475-17-5

25 euros

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Detail of the book The Butterfly Printer by Fanette Mellier

Le Papillon imprimeur (The Butterfly Printer)

Fanette Mellier

16 pages, 20 x 30 cm
ISBN 979-10-90475-16-8

30 euros

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Cover of the book "In the Sun" by Fanette Mellier

Au soleil (In the Sun)

Fanette Mellier

26 pages, 21 x 20 mm
ISBN 979-10-90475-15-1

20 euros

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metallic blue foil lunar cycle on the spine of the book dans la lune by fanette mellier

Dans la lune (In the Moon)

Fanette Mellier

64 pages, 21 x 20 cm
ISBN 979-10-90475-10-6

Dots, Lines and Colors, three books by Antonio Ladrillo

Dots, Lines, Colors

Antonio Ladrillo

24 pages, 13.3 x 13 cm
Dots : ISBN 979-10-90475-11-3
Lines : ISBN 979-10-90475-12-0
Colors : ISBN 979-10-90475-13-7